[Takeda Hiromitsu] Maken-ki! Chapter. 1

makenchap13  I’ve decided to post this cause it was one of my early projects on non-h manga, i actually never finished the second chapter and i went through all the trouble of typing the tankobon translation into a .txt and pre-cleaning all the pages. I still look at this project sometimes, i’m proud of the quality i achieved and maybe one day i’ll try again :P Maken-ki! isn’t that good of a manga but i always loved Takeda Hiromitsu (one of my top 5 H-artists).
PS: Those double pages had a gap the size of a pornstar dick.

[Katsu Aki] Futari Ecchi Vol. 1-19

Futari Ecchi 005  Just finished downloading this manga for myself and decided to post it, i don’t know much about the story itself besides the fact that it’s mostly adult oriented but not hentai, i’ve heard it’s good and i’ve seen it’s name alot along the years so i espect it to be good. The series is ongoing and there are 59 Tankobons released currently 19 of them in english.

[Royal Koyanagi] Orgy Treasure Mansion GOLD

001_Orgy_Treasure_Mansion_GOLD_001  If you are looking for an artist that does amazing Orgy scenes then you are in the right place, all tankobons by Royal Koyanagi have them, this artits has an amazing “unique” artstyle, his plots might not be up to pair with a Seinen manga but they can still pull you in for the sex alone. Word of warning, in this specific tankobon there will be a trap so be warned. Besides that expect lot’s of orgies, rough sex, humilation and schoolgirls gone wild. Enjoy it all without censorship thanks to Z-Hentai.

[Shijou Sadafumi] Semeruga Otome

SemerugaOtome0A tankobon release by Shijou Sadafumi, it’s mostly a vanilla oneshots compilation so there isn’t a real plot or specific theme to it. The artstyle is “generic” cutesy, young looking, plump, big brested girls with high libido and un-interesting, unrelatable lead protagonists so don’t espect much, the sex scenes are decent but nothing crazy. Overall it’s a good way to past time, it won’t rustle your jimmies like say the artist Yamatogawa but it will give you a good time.

[Black Lilith] Captive Market



This title is for all you guys that love hardcore sex with rape/ahegao/bukkake/elf rape/nasty kinky stuff, this is just completely hardcore sex no actual attempt to make establish a plot or anything it’s just hardcore nukige. I can tell you this tough, it’s by Black Lilith so you can expect some real nasty scenes (pig-man alert), i don’t really enjoy it personaly but many of you do so enjoy.

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