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[Sameda Koban] Mon-Mon Animal Girl

0001Mon-Mon Animal Girl despite the name implying it’s about animal girls like nekomimi and such there are only 2 chapters of it. The tankobon is mostly composed of several one shots of vanilla happy sex between teens and very humorous in most cases. Sameda Koban art style is very good and sorta unique in the sense that it’s easy to identify (especially his color pages).

[Ayakawa Riku] Futanari Parfait

001A small tankobon composed of small oneshots, they are all about futanari schoolgirls with one exception being a fully fledge yaoi chapter. I’m not a huge fan of futanari (depends one the artist) but i also don’t post many of these so why not right. Regarding the yaoi chapter i don’t have much to say about it, it’s a crossdresser nurse with another dude. Art style is the cutesy type, girls all look small and thin with huge breasts, sometimes almost chibi like. Overall It’s fap material for specific tastes and it’s uncensored, enjoy.

[Azuma Tesshin] Futari de Dekirumon – You & I Can Do Every Lovemaking

Futari_de_Dekiru_001 Ah the females in this manga are good,  there is no actual plot it’s just gorgeous art (i love it, some panels look delicious) the first arc with the three females is just great hehe their personalities are air-head, lolitype and a complete pervert who loves cocks. The later chapters also look great and are filled with hardsex.

[Aduma Ren] Koimitsu Fragrance

000Koimitsu Fragrance  is a beautiful piece of art and most of all it’s fully uncensored. All the girls look gorgeous and love sex, the sex scenes are hot & steamy. The manga is composed of one shots with no specific theme. Overall it’s a great piece of work.

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