[Shiwasu no Okina] Peace Hame! Ge + Extra

000The sequel to Peace Hame! Jou main story arc by Okina-sensei. The tankobon starts were chapter 7 left with our main character continuing his mighty quest for a harem ending with lots of crazy characters and orgies in the middle. I added the extra book called Peace Hame! Ge Tokusei Shousasshi, this is the graduation book that we see over the story and it’s in full color to boot hehe. Enjoy.

[Aomaru Setu] Blade Play Vol .07

000Volume 7 of Blade Play, you can find the previous volumes on my MegaBundle post. It’s a fun ecchi manga with a cool plot involving a fantasy virtual reality also the artstyle os pretty good and very comical.

[16.03.15 Update] New Fully Translated Tankobons


Four new tankobons, one of the tankobons is loli material thank you Biri for the book, the others are a tankobon by Joji Manabe so it’s bound to be good i haven’t read it myself so i can’t confirm it, a decensored work of Yukimi “Birthday” who is an amazing artist and the book is great, and the last one is simple hentai book composed of one-shot, the art style is ok but nothing amazing. Enjoy.

[10.03.15 Update] New Fully Translated Tankobons


New tankobons, released during 17/02 to 10/03, it was a slow month with only a few releases enjoy. Has usual tankobon names and cover samples can be found below.

[16.02.15 Update] New Fully Translated Tankobons


New tankobons, released during 26/01 to 16/02 most of them seem to be licensed works for the west so if you like them please support the publisher. Either way most of them are good quality tankobons in general both plot and art wise. Below you can check artist and book name. PS: most of the covers are from the western publisher and they seemed to have butchered them pretty hard with their logos, low quality and resizes, i advise you to find the japanese covers and replace them has will i later.

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