[16.02.15 Update] New Fully Translated Tankobons


New tankobons, released during 26/01 to 16/02 most of them seem to be licensed works for the west so if you like them please support the publisher. Either way most of them are good quality tankobons in general both plot and art wise. Below you can check artist and book name. PS: most of the covers are from the western publisher and they seemed to have butchered them pretty hard with their logos, low quality and resizes, i advise you to find the japanese covers and replace them has will i later.

[25.01.15 Update] ‘New’ Fully Translated Tankobons

vnsheaderNew content everyone *dances*, I’ve been absent due to intense gaming, if you saw my tweet you’ll know what I’m talking about ^^. There hasn’t been much new releases lately besides a few new translated tankobons, most of the new stuff is decensored content or older tankobons that i found recently and weren’t included in my MegaBundle. To save me some time I’ll upload everything in packs instead of single uploads. Below I leave you the name of the tankobons and samples of all the covers.

[Makinosaka Shinichi] Pure Days

000New release this time a decensored version of Pure Days by Makinosaka Shinichi done by Aphral at E-H (Censored version is included on my MegaBundle). I also share by the same artist another tankobon called Pure Girl this one was decensored by me. The plot is pretty much has vanilla has it gets but it’s cute and filled with characters that are both pure but filled with sexual urges. The art style is mostly cutesy characters with big breasts and really charming blushes, hey it’s really good or else I wouldn’t have done the other tankobon. This is the second tankobon relase by this author currently.

New Project by Shiwasu no Okina

000UPDATE: I’m dropping this project since Belldandy100 has already decensored the second volume using Patreon you can find information about it here. With this i’ll resume my original project by Yukimi and i freaking hope no one is doing it in secret.

Ero-Manga DMCA 2014

Below I leave you a in-depth discussion regarding Wani Magazine the publisher behind numerous ero-manga magazines such has Comic X-Eros, Comic Kairakuten, Comic Kairakuten Beast whom over the years have published hundreds of tankobon by many well-known authors. This discussion is about the recent DMCA takedowns given to several ero-manga websites all over the internet but with a focus on E-Hentai Galleries who is by far the biggest community driven website currently available. They go into detail about what happened last year after FAKKU managed to get a contract with Wani Magazines to publish their works in the west, with several IRC chats and other info. I personally find it interesting to read since I only knew little of what happened and why were all those community translated mangas being deleted.

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