[Akatsuki Works] Coμ -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku-


I’ve played this visual novel early this month and i had to share it here, it’s probably my second favourite right behind Fate/Stay Night and it’s freaking good. There aren’t many choices to be made during the first few playtroughs besides a few crucial one that can lead you into very funny bad ending scenarios, the plot is very good tough, the character development and relationship with all others are good and robust. Graphically it’s pretty much an anime style (look below for samples) with every characters resembling exactly their personalities has you would excpect, everyone is very detailed and there are some really cool backgrounds, CG and effects to be seen. The Kaiju were a bit lackluster since they all resembled pretty much the same just with another color pallet besides some exceptions like Babylon the main Kaiju. Hell if you like visual novels in general like me then this is probably one of the best out there, it’s highly ranked in VNDB and there are several hours of content in it and replayability for more playtroughs. Also this is an eroge since there are a few sexual scenes but they are very well separated from each other and they have a meaningful impact in the characters around you and yourself, they are also tasteful and funny at times and very well drawn but unfortunately are censored, you can also deactivate them trough the settings menu if you like. Thank you Amaterasu Translations for this amazing translation wich is also top-notch and would make all grammar nazis cry of joy unlike my english lol.

NOTICE (read it if you want)



[Sameda Koban] Mon-Mon Animal Girl

0001Mon-Mon Animal Girl despite the name implying it’s about animal girls like nekomimi and such there are only 2 chapters of it. The tankobon is mostly composed of several one shots of vanilla happy sex between teens and very humorous in most cases. Sameda Koban art style is very good and sorta unique in the sense that it’s easy to identify (especially his color pages).

[Ayakawa Riku] Futanari Parfait

001A small tankobon composed of small oneshots, they are all about futanari schoolgirls with one exception being a fully fledge yaoi chapter. I’m not a huge fan of futanari (depends one the artist) but i also don’t post many of these so why not right. Regarding the yaoi chapter i don’t have much to say about it, it’s a crossdresser nurse with another dude. Art style is the cutesy type, girls all look small and thin with huge breasts, sometimes almost chibi like. Overall It’s fap material for specific tastes and it’s uncensored, enjoy.

[Azuma Tesshin] Futari de Dekirumon – You & I Can Do Every Lovemaking

Futari_de_Dekiru_001 Ah the females in this manga are good,  there is no actual plot it’s just gorgeous art (i love it, some panels look delicious) the first arc with the three females is just great hehe their personalities are air-head, lolitype and a complete pervert who loves cocks. The later chapters also look great and are filled with hardsex.

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